Unveiling the World of an Allied Health Assistant at Ignite: Anh’s perspective

Embarking on a career as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) at Ignite Healthcare has proven to be an incredibly fulfilling journey. The joy derived from being part of a multidisciplinary team, working in a vibrant and supportive environment with abundant resources, is unparalleled. At Ignite, the community setting not only fosters professional growth but also offers the unique opportunity to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds, contributing meaningfully to their individual journeys of progress.

A Day in the Life:

As a speech pathology student with a deep interest in early intervention, my role as an AHA involves close collaboration with experienced therapists at Ignite. The guidance and supervision provided by these professionals create a dynamic learning environment, allowing me to deliver targeted support to young children. Following meticulously crafted support plans, conducting sessions, and developing resources are all part of the daily routine, accompanied by the invaluable experience of observing and reporting back to the treating therapists.

Each day at Ignite unfolds as a rich learning experience, punctuated by hands-on shadowing and insights gained from our seasoned therapists. One of the highlights of my role is the opportunity to engage in play-based therapy, a fundamental aspect of our approach when working with young children. Our sessions revolve around goal-based play, creating a dynamic and fun-positive environment that serves as a catalyst for the development of motor, language, and social skills.

The Art of Play-Based Therapy:

Delving into the world of play-based therapy, our approach at Ignite transcends traditional methodologies. Recognizing the intrinsic value of play in a child’s development, our sessions become a canvas for fostering growth. Goal-based play not only enhances motor coordination but also nurtures language and social skills in a natural and enjoyable setting. The emphasis on creating a positive and engaging atmosphere ensures that each child’s progress is not only substantial but also filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Being an Allied Health Assistant at Ignite is more than just a profession; it’s a fulfilling journey where collaboration and progress converge seamlessly. The multidisciplinary environment, coupled with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the progress of clients from diverse backgrounds, makes each day unique and rewarding. As a speech pathology student, the hands-on experience in play-based therapy adds an extra layer of excitement to the role, creating a vibrant space where learning and progress coalesce.

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