Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) creates a framework of guidelines to best manage challenging behaviours. 

Ignite Healthcare’s PBS therapists analyse one’s behaviours in a variety of situations and guide intervention using evidencebased practices. Positive Behavioural Support therapists are equipped to handle all age groups and differing diagnoses. 

Our goal is to continue practising inclusion of all community members by supporting an individual’s interactions and engagement through positive approaches. 

Our Approach

Find a PBS therapist.

All Ignite PBS therapists hold registrations to work collaboratively with individuals, family members, teachers and practitioners to achieve the best outcome.

Schedule with us.

Our PBS provide face to face and telehealth consultations to identify behaviour challenges and propose fitting solutions to all involved members to maximise quality of life.

Receive support.

Through close observations and assessments, our Positive Behavioural Support team trial interventions alongside you to identify the most apt solution for your needs.

How we help

Our PBS therapists support clients to: 

Improve Quality

of Life

Establish Positive 

Social Interactions

Explore Strategies to

Meet Needs

Live Without


Develop Emotional 

and Coping Skills

Engage in

Meaningful Activities

Increase Functional 


Have Increased

Opportunities for Choice

Build and Maintain