Virtual Physio, Occupational Therapy and Psychology


Virtual Physiotherapy

Not everyone can receive face-to-face physiotherapy. Maybe you live in a rural area, are immunocompromised, are self-quarantining or perhaps you simply prefer the convenience of a virtual experience.

A virtual physiotherapy session could involve any of the following:

  • Educating you or your clients about the current health condition

  • Airway clearance techniques (to prepare for influenza-like symptoms)

  • Implementation of a structured and tailored exercise program

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Our Telehealth Solution

We’d like to offer a FREE initial physiotherapy phone consultation to all new clients receiving Home Care Packages (HCP). We have an online video platform that is user friendly for all clients. We simply provide a link via email and you’re only a click away from engaging with your practitioner online. If you’re an NDIS participant, telehealth is claimable! 

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Free Physio Initial Consultation

All New HCP Clients

We’re committed to reaching as many older or disabled clients in the community as quickly as we can. It’s vital you have access to the treatment you need to avoid functional deterioration.


Virtual Occupational Therapy

For many of the reasons already mentioned above, sometimes a remote OT assessment or report is required. In these instances, access your virtual OT to receive the following:

  • Education/advice around ADLS

  • Basic equipment prescription

  • Minor home modifications

  • Medico-legal reporting

  • End-of-plan NDIS report writing to maximise participant funding

Online Yoga

The Evidence

The latest research shows that physiotherapy-guided exercise provides the greatest long-term outcomes, empowering your clients to feel more in control of their recovery. For more information about the evidence, give us a call. We’ll be happy to share the resources we’ve put together with you.

Virtual Speech Pathology

While some in-person appointments are essential, Ignite Healthcare provides several speech pathology sessions via the convenience of an online telehealth consultation.

A virtual speech pathology consultation could involve: 

  • Communication skills reviews and assessments 

  • Education and advice on your communication abilities and needs

  • Speech, language and literacy skills support 

  • Communication technology and device support

  • Evaluation, treatment and counselling

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