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Tailored Physiotherapy Programs

Cost-effective Physiotherapy

Ignite Healthcare offer cost-effective physiotherapy group exercise packages and physio programs, in addition to our on-site patient treatments.

Ultimately, we aim to keep your elderly residents active, healthy and mobile through a great range of physiotherapist-delivered exercise programs, exercise classes, physiotherapy group activity sessions and more…

To make it easy for residents seeking additional physiotherapy services, we bundle our various programs into cost-effective packages, to provide our services at an affordable rate. These are flexible and can be arranged for extended individual programs when required or tailored to your resident’s needs.

Physiotherapy Session

Combining Fun and Fitness

Combining fun and fitness, our therapeutic activities are resident focused and outcome driven.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Program packages include:

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Ignite Your Health

Our flagship wellbeing program combines individual mobility treatments including massage, along with physiotherapy exercises.

Rekindle Your Motion

A reablement program designed to help your residents stay physically active and engaged in everyday activities.

Stay On Track

A flexible short-term respite program for residents or interim clients in need of continuing rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Awaken Your Balance

A proactive falls prevention program to help your elderly residents improve their balance and reduce injuries from falls.

Fire Up Your Function

A physical dementia therapy program, based on Montessori principles, specifically developed for residents with early or advanced dementia.

Move Your Body

A seniors group exercise program with physiotherapy classes and activities to help your residents stay active and healthy.

Pain Management

Best practice treatments and interventions with physiotherapy-led pain management programs.

Facility Support

Our funding, accreditation and staff training knowledge will help your residential aged care facility prosper.

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